Neretva mandarins in front of European Parliament

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mandariniOne ton of Neretva valley mandarins were given away in front of European Parliament in Brussels on October 7th to point out the problems mandarin producers had with importing to Russia.
The action was organised by Dubrovnik Neretva county, Regional development agency for Dubrovnik Neretva county and Member of European Parliament Dubravka Šuica's office.
Open Days manifestation gathers large numbers of politicians and european officials thus making it a perfect opportunity to put more emphasis on this matter, although the funds had already been approved by European .


OPEN DAYS 2014 Conference „ EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region: The role the regions in implementation“

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Eusair1"EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region: The role the regions in implementation" conference was opened in European Parliament in Brussels on October 7th by Dubrovnik Neretva County's Prefect Nikola Dobroslavić who explained the importance of Dubrovnik Neretva County in the cooperation of Adriatic – Ionian macroregion with partners from other regions. He advocated the implementation of joint projects and secured the spot in the special EU budget for Adriatic – Ionian Region Strategy.
The role of coastal counties, municipalities and cities in multilevel coordination of the Strategy was pointed out together with implementation of it's four pillars: blue growth, regional connecting, environmental quality and sustainable tourism. Prefect suggested to include Macedonia and Kosovo in the joint activities within the Strategy's framework and he also put an emphasis on necessity of better traffic connectivity between participant countries and last but not the least; to build the Adriatic Ionian motorway which would greatly improve economic growth of participant countries.
EU Strategy for Adriatic Ionian region encompasses four EU member states (Croatia, Slovenia,eusair2 Greece and Italy) and four southeastern European countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania).
Speakers on the conference were Colin Wolfe, Head of Unit for European Transnation and Interregional Cooperation for European Commission, Gian Mario Spacca, President of Marche Region and CoR reporter for EUSAIR, Rossella Rusca, Representative of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European and Mato Škrabalo, Permanent Representativ of the Republic of Croatia to the European . Representatives for regions from Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro also actively participated in the discussions.


Opening of exhibition „On the trails of medieval tombstones Stećci“ in European Parliament

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stećci 2International exhibition „On the trails of medieval tombstones Stećci" had an opening in European Parliament on the October 6th by Dubrovnik Neretva county's prefect Nikola Dobroslavić.

Organisers of this manifestation were Regional Development Agency for Dubrovnik Neretva county DUNEA and Member of European Parliament Dubravka Šuica's office. This project is financed by European Commission and includes four countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

Dubrovnik Neretva County's prefect Nikola Dobroslavić pointed out the importance of Stećaks since the two locations of Stećaks had been nominated to be included in UNESCO World Heritage Fund list.


Symposium on Croatia and the relation between the EU, Belgium and Flanders

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simpozijSymposium on Croatia and the relation between the EU, Belgium and Flanders took place in Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts building in Brussels on October 1st, organised by Academic Cultural Forum in honour of Croatia's first year of EU membership.
Opening speech was given by Academic Cultural Forum president Mark Eyskens followed by professor Zvonko Kusic's presentation on history and activities of Croatian Academy for Science and the Arts and the presentation on croatian society transformation affected by european values by croatian ambassador to Brussels, Mr. Mario Nobilo. Dr. Heleen Toquet spoke on the subject of reconciliation in the ex-Yugoslavia region, followed by presentation on croatian history and art by writer Johan de Boose.


Working visit of the Croatian County Perfects to the European Parliament and the European Commission

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zupaniPrefect Nikola Dobroslavić participated in the working visit of the delegation of the Croatian Countys to the European Parliament and the European Commission.
Organised by the European Commission, the delegation of representatives of the Croatian County visited Brussels and EU authorities in order to establish more regular and specific cooperation, which is crucial not only for the development of municipalities and cities, but also for the development of entire Croatia.
During the stay in Brussels, the delegation met with Ambassador Mato Skrabalo and associates at the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Croatia to the EU, as well as the Croatian MEPs - Andrej Plenković, Dubravka Šuica, Ruža Tomašić, Davor Stier Ivo, Ivana Maletić, Tonino Picula, Biljana Borzan Jozo Radoš, Marijana Petir and Ivan Jakovčić.
Croatian county perfects also attended thematic meetings of the European Commission on regional policy, agriculture and rural development and the role and rules of the European , where the introductory greeting was given by Neven Mimica, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development.


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