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Economic Overview

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Tourism is the leading area of investment in the County, based on the unique cultural and historical heritage, well-preserved natural heritage and on the Old Town in the city of Dubrovnik already recognized as a world brand. There are 73 hotels (4 resorts) and numerous other accommodation facilities (40% are 3 star hotels, 26% are 5 star hotels). In 2010 there were 5,000,000 overnights (10% more than in 2009) and 1,000,000 visits (6% more than in 2009).

The potential for the development of tourism are: the existing hotel infrastructure and the development of selective types of tourism - rural tourism (small and family-owned hotels in authentic rural areas), golf tourism (new locations defined by the County Spatial Plan), maritime tourism (3 ports for maritime tourism and 74 small ports), congress turism, cultural tourism, health tourism...


This area is the fastest growing area in the County. It is based on the Dubrovnik International Airport (1,270,000 passengers in 2010), on the international Passenger Sea Port of Dubrovnik (705 ships in 2010 with 916 089 passengers) and on the International Cargo Port of Ploče.

The potential for the development of this area are: passenger and cargo transport, developed maritime sector, shipyards, small shipbuilding industry, existing well established companies...


Port_of_Dubrovnik international_airport_dubrovnik port_of_ploe
Port of Dubrovnik International Airport Dubrovnik Port of Ploče

Dubrovnik-Nereta County- Economic activites

Rank – competitiveness in RH


Number of entrepreneurs

3.354 (3,7% of RH)

Number of employees

353.166 (39,7% of RH)

Economic activities by size of income

  1. Trade (Wholesale) – 24,9%
  2. Tourism and Hospitality – 17,9%
  3. Transport and logistics – 13,87%
  4. Construction – 13,3%
  5. Manufacturing – 6,4%

Entrepreneurs by size of income (2009)

  1. Atlantska plovidba Plc (maritime transport)
  2. Atlas Plc (travel agency)
  3. Combis Ltd (ITC)
  4. Pemo Ltd (trade)
  5. Glavice Ltd (construction)

Economic activities by exporting

  1. Shipbuilding
  2. Trade (wholesale)
  3. Construction
  4. Tourism and Hospitality

Largest exporters (2010)

  1. Leda Ltd (shipbuilding)
  2. Radež Plc (shipbuilding)
  3. Jasenska Ltd (trade)
  4. Frigo Bonsai Ltd (trade)
  5. Dubrovnik Airport Ltd (service to air transport)



The agriculture in the County has highly developed potential based on fertile farming areas (The Neretva Valley – citruses, vegetable and fruit) and on the areas favourable to the growth of traditional cultures (vine, olive trees, herbs, etc).

The County has more than 1,800,000 citrus trees (mostly mandarins) representing 90% of the total number of citrus trees in the Republic of Croatia, 16% of the total fig production and 23% of the production of olives and olive oil.

Viticulture in the County is the 4th largest in terms of overall production in Republic of Croatia which amounts to 3.5% of the total grape production in the Republic of Croatia.

The aquaculture has also great potentials based on the favourable conditions of the local waters for farming of shells and white fish (The Bay of Mali Ston – oysters), as well as fishery whose future potential lies in 7,500 km² of the sea area in the County.

The technology and business innovation centre for aquaculture (MARIBIC) in The Bay of Mali Ston promotes new farming technologies and continuously works with local farmers whose number is expanding.

The total annual production in The Bay of Mali Ston is 1,000 tons of mussels, and 500,000 oysters.

Other potential areas for investment in the County are numerous water resources representing major hydro-power potential, renewable energy resources (solar and wind energy) and resources for the exploatation of mineral raw materials (stone).

viticulture_in_peljeac_peninsula agricultural_area_of_neretva_valley olive_production_in_peljeac_peninsula
Viticulture in Pelješac Peninsula Agriculture in Neretva Valley Olive production in Pelješac Peninsula
Vrtovi-kamenica-Mali-Ston Panorama-Mali-Ston
Vrtovi kamenica Mali Ston Panorama Mali Ston