Croatian MEPs visited Representation Office of Dubrovnik Neretva -Region in Brussels

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Ured_DN_i_europarlDubrovnik - Neretva county with the Regional Development Agency DUNEA , within the activities of the project AdriGov, organized a presentation of the Representation office in Brussels to Croatian representatives in the European Parliament. Prefect Nikola Dobroslavic presented to Croatian MEPs and journalist the Regional office activities, experiences and interests in future work.

The Meeting was attended by MEPs Dubravka Šuica, Oleg Valjalo, Andrej Plenković , Ivana Maletić , Zdravka Bušić , Nikola Vuljanić, Marino Baldini , prefect of Brod – Posavina County Daniel Marušić , director of regional development agency DUNEA Melanija Milić , Head of department Helena Kangjera and a representative of the office in Brussels Hrvoje Butigan .

28th and 29th November in Brussels was held and 104 Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions , which is prefect Dobroslavić member . Topics plenary sessions were the protection of the rights of EU citizens , making macro-regional strategies , arranging to EU ports , airports, public aid , fisheries and aquaculture . The plenary session was attended by 370 representatives of regional and local authorities of EU member states .


The conference “Journées Ile-de- France Europe”

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horizonThe 5th edition of the conference "Journées Ile-de- France Europe" was held on 12th, 13th and 14th November 2013 in Brussels, under the terms of the next programming period 2014-2020.

The first seminar was "Creative Europe 2014-2020 : Supporting culture and creation in the territories". The Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 will have a budget of € 1.4 billion in the fields of culture and audiovisual and cultural and creative industries. This conference presented new opportunities for program funding and identify future projects eligible for support from the Creative Europe program.

The second seminar was "Horizon 2020: a major opportunity for research and innovation in the Region". Horizon 2020 , new EU program for research and innovation, with a budget of around 70 billion euros . The conference added value to the actions of the State and its actors for research and innovation and present how the Regions accompany mobilization structures on this program. Horizon 2020 support the activities of mobility and sustainable transport , health and active aging and ICT.

The third seminar was "European Structural Funds and Investment 2014-2020 : Which regional strategies for sustainable growth and employment?" Beyond the presentation of the "new" Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in relation to the challenges of the regions , it was discussed the implementation of Community assistance and the strategic use of these resources during the next seven years , to the benefit of the territories , citizens and stakeholders.


Annual Conference of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), "Cross-Border Urban and Rural Integrated Areas – Challenges and Chances"

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aebrThe AEBR Annual Conference 2013 was taken place on invitation of Euregio Meuse-Rhine in Liège and Maastricht from 7-9 November 2013, immediately after the AEBR General Assembly. The main topic of the Annual Conference was "Cross-Border Urban und Rural Integrated Areas –Challenges and Chances".

In many border regions different types of areas come together. A very frequent case is a urban agglomeration surrounded by scarcely populated, rural areas across the border. They need to be integrated all together. The new Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 attaches more importance to the urban dimension. However, rural areas are facing important challenges as well, as for example demographic change and brain drain, and innovative solutions are needed in these fields. Territorial Cohesion needs close cross-border cooperation in fields as spatial planning, services as for example public transport as well as regional development. In this framework communities of shared responsibility can grow between urban and rural, stronger and weaker areas, known as Integrated Areas. This balancing partnership of structurally and economically different types of regions can contribute to reinforced growth and innovation, and increase the visibility and competitiveness of all parts of the integrated area. The Conference was attended by representative of the Dubrovnik Neretva region office in Brussels, Hrvoje Butigan.


The conference „Innovation based growth - European challenges, regional solutions”

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norwayThe Conference "Innovation based growth - European challenges, regional solutions ", which is organized by the Stavanger Region European Office on 06.11.2013. in Brussels, brought together experts from EU institutions and regions like Mr Johan Stierna, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission and Ms Christine Sagen Helgø, Chairman of the Board of the Stavanger Region European Office and others, to discuss questions related to realising the knowledge economy – regional examples and perspectives.

The conference focused on issues related to regional partnerships for innovative growth– making the business case. The speakers was Mr Anthony Van de Ven, Director of Eindhoven Brainport EU Office, Mr Jonas Groes, Director of South Denmark European Office, Ms Toril Nag, Director of Lyse Energi.

Reception was hosted by His Excellency Mr Atle Leikvoll, Norway's Ambassador to the EU. The Conference was attended by representative of the Dubrovnik Neretva region office in Brussels, Hrvoje Butigan.


The conference of the Assembly of European Regions ( AER)

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aerThe conference " The answer is innovation " was held in Brussels, 05th November 2013. which included representatives of international companies and European institutions and regions and representative of Dubrovnik- Neretva Region Hrvoje Butigan.

The conference was opened by Ms. Hande ÖZSAN BOZATLI , president of the Assembly of European Regions. At the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy, innovation is considered as a key tool that will allow Europe to leave behind the crisis and get its economy back on track. Regions are key actors in shaping virtuous innovation trajectories and in mobilising untapped potential for regional and national growth.

During this conference, members of the region were invited to submit ideas , share knowledge and best practices with a focus on three main issues: How to strengthen the relationship between innovation and employment , and how integration design promotes regional innovation strategies and how to build a smart regional specialization strategy?

In addition to this event, participants were joined by a roundtable Regional Innovation Award in 2013 and the meeting of EU funds with a focus on research and innovation projects. At the end of the conference, AER Network reception was organized by the Brussels Airlines in cooperation with the Brussels - Capital Region.


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