Celebration of the Croatian accession to the EU in Brussels

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mini_europeThe capital of the European Union symbolically welcomed 28th member of EU. On the Atomium, flying Croatian flag. In Mini Europe was presented the model of the church of St.Mark. At the gala concert , Choir and Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Radio Television presented in Brussels Croatian music to Europe. Concert is organized by Croatian President Ivo Josipovic and Belgian King Albert II., In whose name the concert attended by Prince Phillippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium.

The exhibition "Croatian newspaper photograph" featuring Dubrovnik and exhibition "Be CROative", which is in front of the European Parliament organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. Manneken Pis, a famous monument in Brussels, is wearing these days in Slavonian costume.

Diplomatic Dean and the first Croatian diplomatic representative in the European institutions, Baron Janko Vraniczany Dobrinović was happy to experienced Croatian accession to the European Union. As part of Culture Days is previewing a documentary about his life organized by the Matica Hrvatska in Brussels. Also in conjunction with the branch MH in Konavle the books for children and adults, "Silk in the hands of my mother" was presented by Mary Radonić and Antonie Rusković Radonić.izloba_slika

Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik-Neretva County was represented on three panels at the exhibition photos by Damir Fabijanić: historic center of the Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and the famous wine maker from Peljesac Frano Milos.

Croatia and upcoming Lithuanian Presidency jointly organized a reception for many guests in honor of Croatian accession to the EU in the Council of the European Union . The celebration was attended by numerous dignitaries, the diplomatic representatives of the member states, the European Commission officials, media representatives, members of the Croatian negotiation group and representatives of Croatian regions.

Celebration was sponsored by the Croatian Regions: Dubrovnik-Neretva , Istria, Osijek-Baranja, Vukovar, Split-Dalmatia, Karlovac, Varazdin, Zagreb, City of Zagreb, City of Koprivnica and several Croatian food and beverage producer.

vijee_euPrefect Nikola Dobroslavić led a delegation of the Dubrovnik-Neretva county : director of the regional development agency Dunea Melanija Milic and Head of Rural Development, Agriculture and Environment Helena Kangjera, Rector of the University of Dubrovnik Vesna Vrtiprah, Mayor of Korcula Vinko Kapelina, Deputy Prefect Davorko Obuljen, president of the County Assembly Ivo Margaretić and a official representative in Brussels Hrvoje Butigan.

Prefect Ivan Vucic led a delegation of Karlovac County : the President of the County Assembly Zeljko Bokulić and Head of the Prefect office Bernardo Pahor.


The historic session of the Committee of the Regions

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ured_regijePrefect Nikola Dobroslavić visited Brussels last week. As a member of the Croatian delegation in the Committee of the Regions he participated in 102 Plenary session of the Committee.

At the beginning of the session, Croatian delegation was welcomed by the President of the CoR Ramon Luis Valcarel, who on this occasion emphasized the importance of Croatian entry into the EU. Croatian joining the Committee of the Regions of the European Union was in Brussels, and nine new members of the Croatia that until now were only observers, now have the right to vote.

Members of the Croatian delegation: Nikola Dobroslavić, prefect of Dubrovnik Neretva County, Vojko Obersnel, mayor of Citiy of Rijeka, Snjezana Bužinec, mayor of Municipality of Jakovlje, Bruno Hranić, Mayor of Municipality prefect of Brod-Posavina County Danijel Marusic, Mayor of the Varazdin County Predrag Štromar, Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic, a member of the Assembly of the City of Zagreb and Ivan Jakovčić, Member of Assembly of Istria.

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) was established by the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. As a body at European level representsjednicas the interests of local and regional authorities. Today, the CoR has 352 members from 28 Member States. Members are nominated by EU governments and appointed by the Council of the European Union for a renewable term of four years. Board members have a political mandate at the local / regional level in every country. Because they live in their regions are in constant touch with the views of the regions they represent. So when they come to Brussels for meetings of the region they bring their own opinions and views of the region and local communities at the heart of European decision-making process.


Brussels Economic Forum 2013: The future of EMU

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DSC_057319.06.2013. The 14th Brussels Economic Forum, on the topic of 'The future of EMU', addressed three fundamental issues, all necessary to ensure a strong and successful economic and monetary union (EMU). European Commission Vice President Olli Rehn opened the conference by saying that, "When we met here last year, there were serious concerns that the euro could disintegrate. A tail risk, perhaps, but certainly something that was in many people's minds, or at least in the minds of the market forces. One year later, that tail risk has disappeared." His guest, World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy gave the 3rd Annual Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Lecture in which Lamy examined what European citizens would be most concerned about in the coming year leading to the European elections. In his key note speech, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny delineated the four key objectives on which the EU needs urgent progress, ranging from preserving financial stability and completing the banking union, to getting 'our young people back to work or into education'. The three sessions covered three topic: Securing the European competitiveness in a global perspective , Towards a genuine economic and monetary union and Fiscal and economic union. The Forum was attended by representative of the Dubrovnik Neretva region Hrvoje Butigan and other representatives from EU institutions and regions.


Conference „Urban development in the EU: 50 projects supported by the ERDF during the 2007-2013 period“

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DSC_057018.06.2013. Conference was opened by Jan Olbrycht, President of the Urban Intergroup . The European Commission has published a study on European Regional Development Fund projects improving the standards of living and working in Europe's cities. 'Urban development in the EU' presents 50 projects which received ERDF investment and offers an information package for selected cities, with detailed information on projects and results. The study gathers a range of good urban practice, and represents a 'state of play' in how the cities have put local urban policies into action with ERDF investment from 2007-13. The cities highlighted reveal interesting ideas, solutions and cooperation or collaboration methods serving as inspiration for other urban areas and managing authorities. The conference was attended by representative of the Dubrovnik Neretva region Hrvoje Butigan and other representatives from EU cities and regions.


Cultural evening in Brussels for the Croatian accession to the European Union

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Cro_Event__12-06-2013_Koncert12.06.2013. The Croatian Embassy in Brussels organized the cultural evening in the sign of Dubrovnik for the Croatian accession to the European Union,

The cultural evening start with the autobiographical film "My Dubrovnik" in which the director Jiri Menzel remembered his first visit to Dubrovnik, in 1982. on the Summer Festival.

After the film there was a debate "Croatia in the EU," which was attended by Croatian Ambassador in Belgium, Mr. Mario Nobilo and a representative of the European Commission Mr Thomas Hagleitner.Cro_Event_Dubrovnik_12-06-2013

At the end of the evening ensemble "La Chapelle Sauvage" had the concert and they performed "Symphony in D, Andante" of Dubrovnik composer Luka Sokorčević.

A representative of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Bruxelles Hrvoje Butigan met with Ambassador Nobilo and citizen from Dubrovnik who live in Belgium.


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